Falun Dafa Religion

Members of the Associations of Falun Gong,
Why do you reject our practitioners from the community?
Why do you cause problems in our personal a professional lives?
Why do you physically barred us from the exercise sites, group study and Hong Fa?

Your Master clearly stated there is no cultivation insanity,
Do you even follow the teachings that you read?
Why has this happened in every country I visit?
You give no explanation and keep silent.

We turned a blind eye towards your corrupted practices,
Yet you refuse to allow us to practice our faith freely,
We turned a blind eye towards your flaws,
Yet you decided to ignore us.

Our practitioners will not stop,
One boat today leads the way,
Hundreds of millions follow,
Until justice is resolved.

You fear about your worldly positions,
You became attached to your titles,
Without them you are nothing,
Your lives are in great danger!

Quickly wake up!
Change your stubborn thinking!
Bad fortune will follow otherwise,
The lot you choose will be yours to carry.

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Total Elimination

Old forces wanted to eliminate MindCœur,
Angels would weep, were they not dead,
My disciples – magnificent Divinities,
Won’t say a word at the end times.

Divine voice emanating from Heavens,
Penetrating all dimensions down to Earth,
Transcending the wisdom of Eons of dark kalpas,
Adamantine Gods mending the Cosmos – Creator’s children.

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New China

Repeating the old mistakes,
Building walls, closing itself off,
Controlled by communist thought,
Incapable to survive cultural exchange.

One human race, endlessly mixed by the currents,
Purity of life reflected on the Way back to Heavens,
Gods of new Cosmos are safeguarding wise light of Creation,
Progress of Creator’s Way cannot be barred by illusions of time.

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Fall of the Rebel Angels

Old religions not meeting the standards of new Cosmos,
Minds clouded by years of communist indoctrination,
How long are you willing to wait,
For your leaders to come back to their senses.

Come now and give me a helping hand,
Wheel of Divine Law of God is turning once again,
Path to Heavens is finally cleared,
Do not lose this chance of a lifetime.

Dwelling in illusory realms for too long,
Missing each opportunity to ascend,
Heavenly beings of even higher caliber,
Are forged in the battle between Heaven and Hell.

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Heavy Heart

Heavenly messengers are bringing me sad news,
My heart is growing heavier by the day,
I wish to mend the Cosmos anew,
But the corruption is not allowing me to.

Sky polluted by hate,
My hope is clouded by the ignorant,
Greed and human power ambitions,
Used by demons once again to stir troubles.

Celestial music cannot penetrate the spheres down to Earth,
Only war drums are reaching the ears of world’s leaders,
Although light of wisdom will never die out,
I fear for fate of the next generation.

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