Esoteric Transmission

Hecuba the queen whore wears crown of thorns,
New Tang Dynasty on it’s knees,
Promises from prehistory broken forever,
Dreams and hopes destroyed.

Cosmic play forgives nobody,
New Ming’s eternal regret,
Revival of five thousands years of culture,
Appropriation of heritage of nations,

The hand that steered the Cosmic wheel,
Has no power left in it anymore,
Messiah once again reborn,
Saves all lives at the end times.

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Unseen Blackbird

The eye of the predator
In original Chaos
Imprinted in the empty space of heart

Fire of Samadhi
Flying through Cosmos
On the wings of a blackbird

Blackbird flying through the leaves
of an ancient forest
glowing with the infinite light of wisdom

Eternal glimpse of Enlightenment
In the ancient structure of cosmos
Resembling eternity of Creation

Man and woman are one,
The seed has been planted,
Flowers bloom in autumn

Three stars preceding the axiom
From which all things are born
In an hardened illusion
Where dragon’s blood is the norm

Shapeshifting my way through American desert
I became the blackbird
Whose wings the eagles borrowed

Communion of spirits,
In blood, wine and bread,
Eucharist of the mind,
In the lowest realms of hell.

The wheel of reincarnation turns,
those who escaped the destiny,
like blackbirds in flocks.

I saw the eternal hope,
It took all my will to live.

New York is the axis,
Over which the blackbirds flew,
Never to return again

London gave him a new life,
Springed into life – a blackbird,
Lost his life in pursuit of

We live our lives to the fullest,
Free and unfettered – like blackbirds,
Return to our ancestral home – again.

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