Fall of the Rebel Angels

Old religions not meeting the standards of new Cosmos,
Minds clouded by years of communist indoctrination,
How long are you willing to wait,
For your leaders to come back to their senses.

Come now and give me a helping hand,
Wheel of Divine Law of God is turning once again,
Path to Heavens is finally cleared,
Do not lose this chance of a lifetime.

Dwelling in illusory realms for too long,
Missing each opportunity to ascend,
Heavenly beings of even higher caliber,
Are forged in the battle between Heaven and Hell.

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Heavy Heart

Heavenly messengers are bringing me sad news,
My heart is growing heavier by the day,
I wish to mend the Cosmos anew,
But the corruption is not allowing me to.

Sky polluted by hate,
My hope is clouded by the ignorant,
Greed and human power ambitions,
Used by demons once again to stir troubles.

Celestial music cannot penetrate the spheres down to Earth,
Only war drums are reaching the ears of world’s leaders,
Although light of wisdom will never die out,
I fear for fate of the next generation.

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Esoteric Transmission

Hecuba the queen whore wears crown of thorns,
New Tang Dynasty on it’s knees,
Promises from prehistory broken forever,
Dreams and hopes destroyed.

Cosmic play forgives nobody,
New Ming’s eternal regret,
Revival of five thousands years of culture,
Appropriation of heritage of nations,

The hand that steered the Cosmic wheel,
Has no power left in it anymore,
Messiah once again reborn,
Saves all lives at the end times.

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Culture Reborn

Promised land opened it’s arms to us,
Chosen nation accepted Chassidus,
Ancient Huaxia Hanren,
prepared the Way.

Messiah will live forever,
In the hearts of Gods,
Slavic tribes united,
Lead humankind.

Back to Tradition and Culture,
Virtues, Faith, free from Vice,
Pure hearts offering to all,
Simple Compassion.

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