Divine Righteousness

I am your God,

I am the source of all Creation,

I am the reason you are persecuted,

When you corrupt the Divine Law shamelessly,

Which I bestowed upon you for eternity in great sacrifice.

I am your King,

I am your righteous shoulder,

That will destroy all your enemies,

When you put your faith in the Divine,

And cry for help from Heavens in your time of need.

I am your Ruler,

I provide for you daily,

Guide you back to righteousness,

Back to ancient Divine Ways and your True selves,

Where the fire of wisdom permeates all of Creation forever.

I am your Lord,

I teach the mysteries of Cosmos,

To Dakinis, Divinities and Disciples,

Breaking the bonds of earthly suffering,

Enabling all beings to return to the Creator.

Yaouyue Ri

17. August 2023

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