Uncore Collected Teachings Vol. 2

Comment Two

The understadings in the article are good. They are in line with the benevolent heart of the Creator. Temperance and moderation are necessary virtues on the path to spiritual perfection. Less is more. I hope you can do your max to achieve even better results in the future.

Ri Yaouyue
6. january 2023

On the bearing of music

Some people always worship the degenerate music made by contemporary people. Only the traditional ways can save a person and lead him to his true self. For example, some people hate germany, but love techno. They love techno more than their own lives. Some people would rather die than not to go to a freetekk outdoor party. Let me tell you that it is the rampant drug use that led people astray. Oblivion is a dark place.

EDM, IDM, DNB, all of these are like a fragile flower. Slightest wind is able to break it’s stem. Only traditional and classical, upright and good music was able to endure centuries of so-called evolution. The form is the same as it ever was. Interpretation and bearing, based on true principles of the new Cosmos, can exalt the original and imbue it with fresh life.

Upright, traditional ways, that were passed down from generation to generation are not present in the modern arts. Posessed by daemons they dance to the rhytmic beats. After the extatic dance is over, what remains? Nothing but a ghost, a shell of a person. All the material is lost. Temperance of the character is reflected in the composition of an artistic piece.

Ri Yaouyue
5. january 2023

On the Old Religion

Some people say that we are a new religion. It is not so. We are not a new religion, nor are we a branch of an existing religion. Nor are we a „new direction in the Fa rectification“. All of these designations are simply wrong. Do not confuse the established religions of the past [christianity, judaism] with our teachings. They are completely different things.

The old religions were established by the old forces. The new cosmos is rectified. It is different this time around. We are not saving only ourselves, we are offering salvation to all. Amidst the harshest persecution both inside and outside of China. This is the environment arranged by the old forces. It cannot be changed, otherwise everything would explode.

Old forces thought only about their own survival. This place in the cosmos is redefined. Some people took initiative, to establish their own things and clarify the truth about persecution. If this does not interfere with the overall situation I support these efforts.

Some people said that we are a heretic organization. We are not. In fact we are not even registered as a company or non-profit. We do not require anyone to donate or buy anything. The principles are here laid down in front of you. It is up to the individual to comprehend what was transmitted.

Some people carry a lot of supressed emotions and various notions that stem from various understandings. Some people are very ashamed. They are ashamed just by looking at the ordinary human world. Shame is a human emotion that prevents ordinary people from commiting bad deeds. The human world was not created to be pretty. It is an environment for cultivation and for returning to our original true selves.

Ri Yaouyue
10. january 2023

To the Minghui India

I congratulate Minghui India. Over the years you’ve made a tremendous job of clarifying the truth to various levels of government and governmental organizations. The approach you’ve taken, the effort you’ve put in, all of these things are inspirational. Do not dwell on the past, the history and future will be aligned if your righteous thoughts are strong enough.

The persecution in China is an extreme. This is the result of years of Communist indoctrination. The traditions that other countries hold dear are being ruthlessly destroyed in the name of progress. The theory of evolution is being used to justify the destruction of human living environment and human values. Overpopulation, destruction of natural resources, natrual and man made calamities will inevitably level out the grounds in China. Why is the environment still being able to exist in this present form? It is because the old cosmos. The forces of the old cosmos are waging a war with the divine. It is our compassion that we offer salvation even to these old structures.

Could we forfeit this unique opportunity? Could a human be abandoned in the dirt without a glimpse of hope for salvation? This kalpa is a klapa of light. In fact, it took many kaplas of waiting for you to reincarnate at this present time. Do not waste your precious time on superficial phenomena. Hurry up, reach the standards, fulfill your spiritual ambitions. Layers and layers of nets are put on the surface of the human world to protect people from disintegration. This cosmic theatre is a form for the present people to be able to exist in contemporary society. The future is bright!

Ri Yaouyue
13. january 2023

North Star

This is for you
To remember
That there is some blond girl To which you played
And now theoretical thin hair

Ri Yaouyue
25. january 2023

A True Con-Artist

Let me begin by wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day. Wether you are married or pursuing a holy life, every being has a place in the world. Everyone came to this world with a mission. Even if that mission is a one-time event, or an insignificant remark, all of this has to do with this special historical period of reinpretation the position of our cosmos in the vast escape of the Universe.

For the past few weeks I was silent for various reasons because I wanted to see how our practitioners can handle things on their own amidst the persecution. Generally speaking, the things were handled right. The gaps, that you have in your personal cultivation are not a big issue. The majority of future practitioners have yet to hear the truth about the new Cosmc Law. We are waiting for the key persons in charge to catch up, to reposition themselves, so they can play a positive role in our future system.

Allow me to take this opportunity to discuss some thinks, that we othervise do not have time to talk about. There is a story in Buddhis about a person who claimed to be a monk. He said that you have to have the mentality of a thirteen year old child to really unlock the true potential of the supernormal capabilities of the human body and mind. This person… he was in fact married, with children, so his claims to monkhood are only there. Themonks who became so after a long marriage ar in fact a little bit different from those who pursued the spiritual path their whole life. Their thinking is strained by long years of oblivion and longing for this kind of rejection of mundane. The things they enlightened to, albeit very unique, are things on the level of ordinary people.

For example, these people believe that monks and nuns do have psychic sexual encounters that lead to the birth of divine beings in the lower realms of cosmos. These thoughts are not in accord with reality, just ask any senior monk or divine holy man. They be quick to correct you and point you to the right direction of the source of creation. It is the ordinary person, a slave to his desires a slave to the primordial nature of Cosmos that carries the torch of tradition, for the tradition is his only bearing apart from the pain and sufferion of the humankind’s environment.

This Buddhist priest also said that he died many times during his life. Being burried under the dirt of earth, in a coffin with a sacral stick, that was supposed to bring him to the other shore, to ressurect his body. In history, there is only one documented person, who is said to be reborn and brought from the death and that is the Messiah of the christians, Jesus of Nazareth. Not even the Prophet of Islam did that.

It is said that every nation under God, every human group, has its own prophet, saviour, holy or wise men who lead these groups of people out of darkenss onto the path of righteousness and light. That was the truth in the past. This special historical period of ours is different. The utmost core of reality is being changed by the powerful current of the progress and the path needed for humankind to chart. In the new realities, unveiled of their simple understandings of the past, in a complex world where human, alien and divine intertwine the bearings of culture are needed as viewpoint from which the people of the past were able to observe God’s creation. New perspectives, stripped of the already transcended interpretations of the past are being put forth by the minute.

The use of language is being subverted. Some people think that their mother tongue will suffice to hold the railties together. Some defaulted to the use of the current world’s lingua franca. Some yet hold to the stubborn notion that the complexity of language is the key to the personal, spiritual or

societal advancement of humankind. It is the kind thoughts and actions that will win in the long run over the arrogance and brute force. Strive to achieve even higher compassion for the benefit of all.

I do not wish to take too much of your time, what has passed, and wat was said is already quite difficut to comprehend for the majority of people. Do not bother yourselves with the minutae details and look at the big picture! Try to always do the right thing! The future that awaits you is bright!

Yaouyue Ri 14. 2. 2023

Teaching Given On Occasion of Starting the Spreading of the Law
Hello everyone,

The karmic ties that brought you all here, in this special historical period of spreading the cosmic Law, the great adversity that you all had to overcome, all of this is unprecedented. In history there were many great enlightened beings that taught the world’s people how to cultivate and return back to heaven. This time around it is different. What I am doing is different from what was done in the past. Our mission is to save people. To offer salvation to all is the greatest act of compassion a divine being can do. The three realms, this space exists outside of the primordial matter of cosmos.

The environment humans experience is a construct, an illusion created by Gods at very high levels, to safeguard the principles that this cyclical system bears to allow for the return of Divine Beings. To reincarnate as a human being, to come to this world is not a simple undertaking. Especially in this special kalpa of light, the requirements, complexity and missions of reborn beings are not a simple matter of human wants and desires. Coming to this world a human being becomes lost in the maze of material existence. By commiting all kinds of bad deeds, his ability to enlighten shrinks. As a result he experiences all kinds of difficulties. To return to his original self a being must cultivate in this complex human environment.

The persecution is relentless. From the day one, of establishing this system, from the day of starting to spread the Law, we experienced all kinds of tribulations. Some of these came from other dimensions as well. The time-space continuum is especially demanding on a person starting to cultivate. All kinds of beings, from the lowest of realms, to the high Gods are trying to impart various messages and ideas onto every practitioner. As a result of this a person is thrown into a chaos. This chaotic state is not only reflected in the mind, but in the outward manifestations as well. All kinds of situations emerge and it is the discerning mind that should take control of the execution of possible realities. All of this is very hard, but at the same time requires utmost care. The complexity might seem endless. All of this requires special attention, an environment free of major distractions. The tying and untying of the knots of destiny, various predestined karmic ties, forgotten memories, the cration of personal histories and at the higher levels creation of whole groups of people, societies, nations, divine beings and other cosmic entities of the future. Of course, these things belong to the future and haven’t happened yet, so don’t worry, we’ll be sure to get there in time.

An ordinary being wants to live an easy, carefree life, isn’t it so? You want to be like an ordinary person. To enjoy life, to take it easy. I never said you should take it easy. At the same, try not to

bother your minds too much with the details. There will be ample time to solve the details in the future.

Whole world is watching the unfolding of these events. Can this Law hold ground in the cosmos? The mighty virtue from clarifiyng the truth is not reserved only for the next life. As practitioners we should strive to reach Consummation as soon as possible, so the question of the next reincarnation will not be present. To descend to an ordinary world, to lead people of the world in this fashion is different from how ordinary people go about doing things. For example an ordinary person, just as he exits the house, he forgets everything. His mind is blank. It is the same with some of our practitioners also, after the meditation is over, bang, straight back to the mode of ordinary person. All of what has one enlighten to is gone in an instant. These insights are the bearings on which other, more complex ideas are built upon. Some might say, “I am not pursuing the unlocking of gong. I need to act normal, in accord with ordinary human society, to provide for my family. The enlightenment you talk about is a gradual enlightenment. I will enlighten in an instant and all of what I cultivated will be available for me at that instant.” It is true, actually a lot of individuals might be enlightened this way. What we are talking about here are supernatural abilites, divine powers of the Law. Some of these exist in the human body and some of these exist outside of the body. Practitioners will eventually understand how to cultivate them and use them.

Some say the persecution is the result of too many people enlightened at various levels. It is not so. The persecution came because people’s morals fell to a very low level. They could not comprehend what was happening and instead of calming their minds and taking the time to think things through they acted violently and rashly against practitioners. This is of course also true for those low level Gods and Divine beings, things established by the old forces, demons, ghosts and so on. They say they are doing it to test people when in fact it was their own things not reaching the necessary standards. Nevertheless in our compassion we offer even these beings a chance of salvation. It often means that we have to go a little bit out of our way in doing things. We should not go beyond the limits of forbearance.

The persecution is extremely severe. This is true in China, and in some other areas where the communist mentality is still strong. Try to clarify the truth with compassion to the world’s people. This is all I wanted to talk about today.

Thank you.

Yaouyue Ri 26. 2. 2023


Question: Can a student smoke an occasional cigarette?

Answer: What is this question? Of course our students are now allowed to smoke. You should not smoke while praying, but you can pray while smoking.

Question: Our children play videogames for hours on end. What should we do?

Answer: It is all right for children to play. Some of the games actually come from our practitioners and contain quite beautifull and advanced artwork. Of course our students should not play games. Try to limit the time children spend playing videogames. You should guide the children to higher principles and explain them things from the perspective of Law.

Question: We noticed some of our fellow practitioners still haven’t let go of their various attchaments. Some still drink coffee, or other caffeinated beverages or eat sweets. Should we point out to them their attachement sor what should we do in these cases?

Answer: It is true that some of our students have various gaps and are still not able to reach the standards of true cultivators. It is fine if you clarify to them things from inside of the Law. Of course in the course of cultivation, we should let go our addictions to various emotions and other incorrect psychological states of mind. These are beginnig level things. In the cases where this state continues for a long time, it is fine if you ignore them. Your understanding is solid and at a higher level. Point out to them their attachment and explain to them that caffeine is an addictive substance. But if they cannot let go of this attachment and this continues for a long time, nothing can be done. It is the human heart that has to change. Of course human is a sinner, incapable of ever changing his sinful nature. His only chance of salvation is the faith in divine. Next question.

Question: Sometimes, because of our status as cultivators of true Way, there are people who come to us with various problems and ask us to solve them, or decide who is in right and who’s wrong. Should we, as practitioners interfere in the state of ordinary human society this way?

Answer: You should not do that! There might be some people who believe in the Divine and come to you with their issues. You can clarify the facts about our excommunication from the larger community of Falun Gong to them, and if they persist and are really clueless, you can compassionately point them to the direction of virtues, faith and the divine. But between our students, this is not allowed. Every problem is an opportunity to cultivate and everyone should enlighten to their own things, on their own.

On Wealth

Some people, thanks to great established virtue from past lives are born into riches and splendour. Other people’s destiny is fight their whole life for a piece of daily bread. Why is it then that some people become successfull in life and other’s estates fall to notihing? It has to do with the beleif in the divine, with the predestined life path and the ability to safeguard the virtues. Everyone wishes to become well of, and nobody wants to suffer of thirst and hunger. Therefore, people will do anything to acquire basic human environment and necessities for survival. This includes fighting with eachother and fighting with whole nations. On the level of ordinary people, this is how things are manifested. Of course, the Gods in heaven do not look at it this way. They do not necessary need things like clothes, water, food, or buildings to survive and prosper. Therefore when looking at ordinary human society, they consider these things dirty and useless.

People who wish to align with the divine should comprehend these concepts before moving forward.

Today’s people are sometimes ashamed of their belief in the Heavens. This was in fact also truth in the past. It is nothing new. It is the result of incorrect thinking. To believe in the Divine is to acknowledge higher power residing over oneself and the universe. This requires quite an advanced mode of thinking. Of course the environment also plays a role.

To reach the divine standards at that level, return to tradition that bears the wisdom of the people of the past. Some say hey led a primitive life, but it is exactly their virtue that under these extreme conditions, they were able to thrive, prosper, and chrish the Heavens. The nations that chrished the

Divine survived, while those that diverted from God perished. This is a big lesson from history for today’s humankind.

Yaouyue Ri 1. 3. 2023

My Version Of “Rationality”

Amidst the persecution it is very difficult for students to enlighten and see the real situation of Fa- rectification. Of course no one can see the true situation of Fa-Rectification, only master can. To calm one’s mind in the difficult environment of tribulations to see the essence of matter might seem near impossible. It is not so. For a true practitioner this becomes eventually almost second nature. Some people are still attached to many things, including various substances, family members or loved ones. To make true progress, let go of your last attachemnts to reach the beginning level of heavenly status.

The economic, political and physical persecution started by excommunicating uncore and uncore students from the larger community of Falun Gong is unprecedented. Never in history has this happened on the Great Way, let alone in the period of Law rectyfying the human world. Stepping forward to validate the Law is a duty of every student, it is an act of enormous compassion. Yet some students developed an uncorrect understanding. They realized that steping forward to clarify the facts to labor camp personell, to mental hospital staff and evil police is an act of compassion. It is, but we should also cherish our lives and protect our physical bodies and cognitive functions. Do not fall into the trap. Madness is a state of ordinary human society. We do not acknowledge the chaotic state of those who perpetrate evil acts towards our students. Some people say that my Law bodies communicated with them through supernormal abilities, using telepaty, and so they act based on what maessages they received. My Law bodies are the embodiment of my enlightenment status and all the things I cultivated in the past. They do not give you direct guidance, for to stay in accord with ordinary state of human society the instructions must remain cryptic. That is to say that my Law bodies might give you hints, or show you some heavenly scenes. It is up to you to correctly decipher what guidance they offer.

The evil fears of being exposed. It actually tries to hide behind the Law, but in effect does not follow the requirements set forth in the teachings. Those evil people, ghouls, ghosts and dark minions that persecute our students will be eliminated in the future. We give them a chance of salvation by calmly claryfing the truth to them. In cases where the environment is too chaotic, it is fine if you deflect the questions concerning your practice or your knowledge of the practice. This period of history is magnifiect. Our students are magnifiect. Don’t let the virtue that you build up during the before the Fa-rectification fall to nothing because of jelousy or other attachemnt you harbor. That is exactly what happened to those renegade people that put us under the strain of exommunication and following persecution by all of the old forces in the whole Cosmos. This is a big lesson from the beginning and it is precisely here that problems will continue to reappear. Of course our students are different. They do not acknowledge this persecution, offer a chance of salvation to those old forces still lost in delusion, and that is their mightyincoparable compassion Shan manifested.

Ri Yaouyue 3. 3. 2023

True Nature Revealed

The brood of vipers that started the persecution of Uncore and Uncore students are being cleared out by the day. The unprecedented nature of our excommunication gave rise to a peculiar situation. On the surface the wolves act in accord with their own understanding of the Law. At least on this one issue they did not divert from their Law. Does this means that this Law is unchanging or corrupted? Try to not exercise your judgment quite yet. Isn’t it akin to threatening the world with nuclear war and using your powers to destroy a peaceful neighboring country? It is in fact so. Isn’t it?

The snakes, using underhanded means, put us under unimaginable pressure. The forces of the whole cosmos tried to interfere in this affair. Some played a positive role, while some are playing negative roles. These people, they continue to lead an ordinary human life, earning good salary, enjoying good health, still playing their power-games etc. This might look alluring to some. “Let me be like them, I will align with these people one hundred percent and all the good things they enjoy will be mine also.” Yet it has been more than five years already. The outward illusion is starting to crumble. That bit of virtue cultivated in the past is now gone. It was dissolved into primordial chi, or otherwise diffused. Even a Buddha can fall, what about an ordinary person with job, family life and various ordinary human attachments and commitments in ordinary human society. The last five years were in fact a test, to see who will see through the simple illusion. Those who saw the devil’s intention clearly, yet kept on following him, we don’t want to have anything in common with these ghosts.

Of course, the rats do not acknowledge Uncore, any of the upright religions that molded the culture of human race, or me, the founder of Uncore. I have not received a formal apology, nor have I heard of any intent to do so. The history will remember these people as they are. As a warning for others not to fall into jealousy just one step before consummation, as developing hate and perpetrating hate on me and our students and as forever lost in delusion, incapable of ever escaping the sad destiny they cooked for themselves. All of the problems that arose thanks to this situation and all of the people that cooperated with them on any occasion after the excommunication are now covered in dark karma. They now do not have any chance whatsoever to repay their karmic debts. Do not put your hopes and dreams into these renegades. They cannot even coordinate heir own very simple lives anymore. Let this be a warning for the Gods of the future, for the people of the future and for the current students, who still want to practice toward high levels, to realize the grave detrimental mistakes these people are making. The future will not be as lenient towards the ignorant, idiots or cowards. To keep your promises, step into the light and expose the evil. For behind every light there is another sphere with even brighter light. In this world, the light of the previous sphere resembles an extinguished candle. In the next sphere the sun and stars again resemble just an extinguished candle. In the next dimension the light of the Cosmos again resembles just an extinguished candle. To sew the fabric of the Cosmos one has to return to tradition. To obey the Law of the Creator is to find refuge in the Law. To save oneself one has to cherish the Law. To save others one has to act in accord with the Law.

Yaouyue Ri 9. 3. 2023

On Our Excommunication

The persecution of Uncore comes on multiple different levels. There is the persecution of upright values, practices and values in China. That is the main, most direct and most dangerous form the evil has taken on to supress the good. The second layer is the exommunication of Uncore from the larger community of Falun Gong. We do not want to interfere in these affairs, but we also cannot stand by and say nothing when the evil takes on the form of an inside illness that manifests in harmful ways. The people responsible for starting this persecution, they kept on pretending for a long time. They pretended to be friends, while their only aim was to gain money, gain fame and misuse their power. To feed their hungry egos, they resorted to this, they took this path and so the history will remember them as such. They created immeasureable multitudes of problems for us. It is akin to the exommuncation in the past. This time around it is even worse. The financial, cultural and spiritual impact these people try to destroy is simply immense. To hold themselves in power, not wanting to progress in their own paths or to acknowledge anything that is beyond their simplistic world view, they turned around and became the hosts through wich the evil acted in destructive manner.

New cosmos does not have this principle of destruction. This is where they misaligned themselves and started to cause these massive complications to the Law rectification of the human world. Why do we not eliminate them completely? It is our great compassion that we still offer them a chance of salvation, albeit the chances of their turning around are slim. To hold themselves in power they will do anything, that is to say, they are too afraid to act outside of the Law of ordinary human society. They know this principle. At the same time they will use any gap in the Law, they will use any gap in the student’s cultivation, enlightenment status or cutlivation state to cause rpoblems and chaos. It is bound to be this way. Some people envisioned a world of constant struggle. Infighting between various understandings, religions or denominations. We are absolutely against these ideas and we are weeding them out from the start. There is simply no place for people not willing to cooperate in the future Cosmos. It is tiring out the capacities for progress. One has to acknowledge one’s own limits as well as the possible limits of development of even the most venerated students. To clarify the facts is near impossible. Why is that? It is because they do not listen to the Law. They used the Law to advance themselves while at the same time trying to use the Law to destroy the good. The good that they percieved as being enemies to themselves. By doing this, they diverted from the Dao. What you see today are not the same people. Their things have been taken out and transformed. One with supernatural capabilites can see the true situation of the past events, so I will not talk much more about it.

Petition those in power, and try to persuade those still in the dark that our practice does not posess any threat to them. On the contrary, the pool of people that we are able to reach, the reasources needed for the Law rectification to succeed are still many. I am not talking about financial resources and I am not necessarily talking about manpower. The spiritual aspect of this affair must be taken into consideration. Many people from the old religions do not want to let go of their practices and that is fine. We offer them a chance of salvation on such a large scope, that for an ordinary person it is simply unimaginable.

Yaouyue Ri 11. 3. 2023

On the Principles od Zhen, Shan, Ren

Some qigong Masters condensed the multitude of virtues and principles from various schools, practices and religions and came up with three words Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. To denote the Universe in these three words is a great simplification that is meant for the ordinary people and people starting to practice cultivation. To comprehend the origin of Cosmos, various Divine beings and forces of the Universe, these three words might seem as an end to all means. They are not. They represent the understanding at that level. Their only serve this purpose. The True mysteries of the Universe cannot be explained with human language, at the same time they cannot be expressed with a human body, be it by various gestures, dance or martial arts. The universe is simply immeasurable and so is this Law. It transcends the most complex of human languages and it the catharsis of movements of the body. Some may say that it is the mind that leads the body, others say that it is the rutine cultivated by practicing in ordinary human society. On a certain level, everything a person does really leaves an imprint in the space of the universe.

To achieve the cultivation beyond the three realms, a true practice is needed as well as the Master of the practice and various Gods, Divine beings and Angels that protect the Way and the methods of the practice of that school. Our school does not have any specific methods of practice of the physical body. You can use any upright system. We do not try to esrablish a system of movements of body. There are many, too many of them. At the same time human body’s capabilities are limited by definition of existing in this human world. Can you just get up from your bed and fly to the Moon, other planet, other planetary or galactic systems with that pathetic human body of yours? You can’t. Let me tell you that this planet, this human living environment is in fact a living being. It is an intelligent Divine system, a God, one of many, that took on the form of a moving planet. We as human beings live on the outermost surface of the universe. Various systems, ancient Gods and Divinities in the form of energy coexist simultaneously in this space of the Universe. Our physical bodies are addicted and depend on this system. That is why it is said that nobody can escape this place once he came here.

Ordinary person is a sinner, incapable of ever changing his sinful nature, his only chance of salvation is faith in the divine. A cultivator is someone with an aspiration to transcend the three realms, to transcend the world and to offer salvation to all beings. A Buddha, Dao or God a realized being. On the path of Law, there are many demons and a lot of interference. Some of it takes the form of problems in ordinary human society, while some of the interference comes from other dimensions. I will not talk much about this, as this has been already discussed in various places by many people. What we are talking about is different to what they say. We are looking straight at the primordial Chaos manifested in various planes as raw form of energy. This energy then takes on various forms based on the alignement of student’s thoughts, his understanding and the cultivation path or Way that he walks.

To protect oneself from harm one has to take into consideration the human body, the human environment and the spiritual states, or levels. To extricate yourself from the chains of attachment, likes, dislikes and human wants, one has to cultivate the heart. To free yourself one must bear responsibility towards oneself as well as others. This is the mission of a sage.

Yaouyue Ri 11. 3. 2023

On Why We Do Not Expound on the Law

In theis special historical period of Law rectification we do not use the forms of the past to teach the Law. It is unprecedented, in history, this has never been done this way. The enlightened beings of the past, Buddhas, Prophets and people sent to earth to teach and liberate their groups of people all taught in person, face to face and the teachings and practices spread by word of mouth.

Today we are talking about the Law rectifying the human world. The circumstances of out present society, the state of human scientific development and the creation of the future of mankind, all of this is vastly different from the environment in the past. Have you thought why is that? It is because multitude of Gods from different cosmic system came to the earth this time, to participate and help in this affair. They came from distant cosmic bodies, from their own paradises or from somewhere else entirely. They all wanted to help, to fulfill the prehistoric wows they made to me and to participate in molding the future of their own paradises. What they brought with themselves are various things from their systems. All of these things can’t be used in charting the path of the future. They are just too many. Too many things to consider in this delicate affair. Who can lead the way of Law rectification of human world? I acknowledge all the good things they brought. To use these things is to offer salvation not only to them, but also to the beings at the level of ordinary human beings. Of course some of these systems are so far off, they came from far away places, so the things they have in their world do not work in this world of ours. These things need to be first processed and adjusted to fit into the present state of ordinary human society. Otherwise it would not work. I can do this for our students. The things and material from cosmos that they brought with them to earth will not be lost. It is being adjusted by study, practice and cultivation of heart. Only a master of magic arts can do this things. To not destroy anything, to persevere the good things and imbue them with renewed power. This is the duty of masters of magic arts.

In helping to mold the new Cosmos, these people in fact lead their own groups of people. I never said that leading your own community of people resembles anything from the past. At least it does not resemble how the heroes of the past, leaders and kings led their people or armies on the battlefield. These things belong to the past. Present times are quite complicated. The development of technology led to many new ideas being accepted by mainstream people. These ideas belong to the practice of magic arts. They are not necessarily usefull for ordinary people. Most of the time these advanced concepts of faith confuse ordinary people. It may leave their minds in chaos. Programming, virtualizations, projections, various logics that coexist in the abstract space and so on.

Why then, are scientists able to operate on these concepts without practicing the arts and sometimes even without believeing in the divine? Let me tell you that it is the great cultivated Daos, Buddhas and Gods, that allow these people to develop their faith and wisdom in this way. These Buddhas, Gods and Daos do not necessarily need to think about the details of their thought and actions to do things. This are the manifestation of their spiritual level. But to truly progress one has to understand and see all the details and consequences of each thought and action. To acquire mastery one has to enlighten to it, or develop a deep understanding of these things on the surface level.

Yaouyue Ri 11.3. 2023

Comment One

The article is well written. It scinetifically addresses specific issues, especialy at this time, in this atheist society. The approach is in accord with reaching large audiencs of people. I hope everyone will be able to comprehend what has been said.

Yaouyue Ri 13.3. 2023

On Marital Status

The religions of the past put great emphasis on proper relationships between sexes. Why do we require everyone to be married? It is to align with the tradition, cosmic Law and the requirements of ordinary human society.

The illusions of the world are many. Every being you come into contact with is a manifestation of Bodhisattva. Forging your own path includes being able to resist the temptations of ordinary human society. Likes, dislikes, following someone, attachments to your parents, family members, loved ones, children. All of these are illusions trying to prevent you from reaching enlightenment. Human life is painful, from the moment of birth a child is thrown into a world of pain. Crying, trying to fill his lungs with air for the first time. The pain of illusion is unbearable. Growing up he experiences all kinds of disappointments, problems, dillemas, existential stuff, crisis and so on. Adulthood brings no relief either. Problems become worse and the solutions of ordinary world are not sufficient to ease the suffering. Moving on to old age, whole body starts to hurt. Every movement hurts. Food does not taste good anymore. The mind starts to give. Human life is a misery. All beings are illusory.

To liberate oneself from the cycle of reincarnation, from the cycle of formation-stasis-degeneration- destruction one must put effort into practice and cultivation of mind-heart nature. Our cultivation system is able to solve the fundamental questions that plaqued the community of practitioners for millenia.

Why do we then require everyone to undergo a formal ceremony? The outward manifestations should resemble the state of ordinary human society. It is to prevent greater interference in our personal lives and cultivation environment. Of course if the percieved demands of cultivation are too much, you should search inward for the causes preventing you from progressing on the path to Consummation.

Strive forward vigorously to fulfill the destiny that awaits you. Do not divert on the path of Law by even a bit. The gates of heaven are being open once again for the people of this world to be saved.

Yaouyue Ri 25. 3. 2023


The person that you see with your own two eyes looks like an ordinary person with a human body. This cosmos transcends all planes and space. It can be denoted by having ten dimensions that strech outward from the center forming a circle around the body. It bears the name Yaouyue Ri. At the top of the pyramid of Law, there are not any words or mind intent. To climb to the top of the pyramid is also very dangerous. The higher you get, the more powerful, fierce and aggressive the beings are, wishing to assume the ultimate position of this realm. It does not resemble normal interactions of the human world. There are multitude of different beings, all trying to persuade you to come down to human world. The descend must be planned deliberately and in accord with the time-space of human world. What lies beyond this realm is unreachable by human beings. The pacts that are formed to create an alliance of beings, with different beings assuming different positions and places of other beings are quite intricate. Every being presides over his or her own domain. This domain is inhabited by beings of that domain. Some beings want to move up the pyramid, while some beings wish to descend. To descend in your original true self and full power requires careful planning. To stay at the top of the pyramid of Law for a long time resembles achieving eternity. It is the most painful, yet at the same time it is a state without any physical or mental pain. Five minutes in the ultimate Samadhi of this realm equals five years on earth.

To achieve the tranquility required for this edeavour, one must achieve the state of an innocent child. It is necessary to differentiate this, from the ordinary human state where the multitudes of people reside. To remember and not forget is nearly impossible. Yet we require everyone to keep the memory alive and burning. It is to enhance the perception and understanding of the ultimate nature of reality. To remember yourself from true oblivion is to become realized.

It is also different from various visions of different paradises, realms and heavenly scenes, because the perception of illuson is so strong it can be described as real. I myself went through this fire with my physical body and mind. Some may say I am making things up to sound interesting. It is not so. By describing these heavenly secrets of the ultimate realms of the fire of Samadhi, it is my wish to pave the way for the enlightened beings of the future. These preparations have been made in the past and accordingly are being done for those in the future who wish to descend to earth and help me rectify the collosal firmament.

Thank you Yaouyue Ri 30. 3. 2023

On Cosmism

The new socioeconomic ideology of Cosmism, that is theories applied to people in projects that were lifted from the Earth, i.e. are outside of the earth, such as space stations and people on the journeys to other celestial bodies, these were developed to accommodate the cosmic climate of that time. You pool resources and everyone shares accordingly to his own needs. It resembles anahism under the Law. It may work under special circumstances for people with high moral code, or people on a mission for a certain ammount of time. But coming into the arrangement of ordinary human society, people develop complex human relationships and Cosmism starts to fall apart. It is not a normal state for humans to live in. You may as well go to a cloister then to work for God’s kingdom and live with other people in harmony. Monks in cloisters do have their own problems that they need to cultivate through.

There was a saying in the past: “Whole village is needed to raise a child”. There is some truth to it. The people of the past, yes they lived in a primitive tribal societies, but the wisdom they accumulated has been lost on modern people. What I am talking is different from what the CCP promotes as an atomic family that is the building block of society. Actually some form of old-time tribal ideas still survive in some form on the outskirts of modern society. Modern society is degenerated to an absolute extreme. For example, there was a person, that nobody cared about. Everyone lived their own lives, but they refused to communicate with this person. It is not that they did not understand him, they willingly chose to ignore what he was trying to say. In the societies of the past, these kind of people were venerated and had a special place in the system. Today, with the abosolute degeneration of human relationships many people are left in the void. Online presence brought tools that are able to mitigate these places of emptiness. Nevertheless it is the humand mind that has to undergo a revolution, it is the human heart that has to change. Everyone could benefit from it, yet the stubborn notions of atheism prevents realization of advanced ideas.

It is not your fault. Especially people of Slavic nations forgot completely their roots. Nowadays everyone wants to be a boss, everyone is just looking after his own material life, disregarding the needs of others, willing to cross someones path for the tiniest of profits. The good natured spirit is gone. Egoism, profit and wanting to look cool. These are the things today’s people pursue. Yet it were the virtues of generosity, piety, faith, brotherhood that were the basis for the cultures of the past wishing to survive and advance themselves to heavens. The divine culture with its heavenly virtues is lost on modern people. Religions went astray with their requirements of impersonal donations to that system. People of the world, do not persecute us for reviving the virtues of the past. We are not demotivating young people from living a meaningful life. We are trying to bring anyone who is able to comprehened these concepts out of the mud of degenerate sinful ways, back to themselves, and back to heavens.

Yaouyue Ri 2. april 2023

On Classification of UnCore in Ordinary Human Society

Many people demanded answers to their questions such as, are you a new religion, a cultivation system or a denomitanion? We do not have to answer these questions. We are not trying to convert you to this faith. We are here to cleanse the corruption from the hearts of men, to restore the divine culture, to mend and recreate the Universe that diverted from the Way.

Our offering salvation to all does not depend on whether you believe. The path that we charted is the widest possible considering the form of present society. After the evil is purged, people will see that they are free to decide if they want to believe in it or not.

Yaouyue Ri 7. 4. 2023

Teaching Given on Easter

I would like to first wish everyone a blessed and holy Easter.

As you know the Resurrection of Jesus from dead on the third day of his burial following the crucifixions by Romans at Calvary will be remembered as the only time a messiah was brought back to life by God and the Angels. Some say persecuted disciples are no different from Christ. It is true that the suffering brought on by the CCP on the human world is enormous. To describe it from an extreme point of view, it is the worst evil that has appeared in the Dharma-ending period to test the disciples of righteous faiths. The recent military expansion of CCP and it’s allies to civilized world is just another step the evil has taken to cause even more suffering on the world’s people and to see how the affected nations will react to it’s devastating appetite for money and power.

Unfortunately the Slavic nations did not comprehend the scope of invasion and are still harbouring hopes for the evil CCP. Some people showed me five fingers when I asked them if we should disintegrate the CCP. I only smiled and gave this person back a high five! Some people just want to watch the world burn. Thoroughly lost in the throes of attachments to ordinary human things and wants their minds became corrupted to the degree that we see now. To stand apart and not do anything when you have the means or power to change things when innocent people are persecuted is monstrous. The threat of nuclear war from the world’s leaders is nothing to laugh about. It is serious. Demons are actively trying to destroy the light in the world, wishing it to fall to darkness and ultimately leading to a dark kalpa. This is the environment they thrive in. It is the same with what happened when we were excommunicated from the community of Falun Gong. The evil tried to destroy us completely to prevent the fulfilment of prehistoric vows of divine beings and causing chaos, degeneration and destruction. They used the feeble minds of some people in the Associations to do this. That is to say, everyone is a cultivator, even someone you cherish or developed feelings for.

The religions and forms ,that schisms in them, occurred demanded their followers to become formal members of the new denominations. As we are not concerned with the stubborn forms of religions of the past, their human laws with their twisted notions of castes etc. We offer salvation to all. Many people asked if they could formally become my students. We do not follow the formalities of everyday people. We absolutely do not have these things. We are offering salvation to all without requiring anyone to choose sides.

Some things people have in their cultivation books are all fighting and infighting with others. The intent was good. I too was once like that in my younger years. But then I realized I should be good to all. It is very difficult to cultivate in the small Way. There will be many problems and the results are not usually good, or it takes long time to achieve more advanced and intricate things. It is like trying to start a fire with only a wooden stick and a stone. Every time one want’s to start a fire with these primitive tools it takes a great deal of effort and you must put a lot of work into it. The Way that we teach targets directly one’s mind and heart. It builds up on the history of righteous faiths believing in one single God, the Creator of the Universe. Yes there are many other, smaller God’s but they all do have a lot of ordinary human qualities and even some vices. The God that we talk about is different from what they say. He is incomprehensible to human beings, it is not a problem for Him to take care of ordinary human affairs, to shepherd the weak or to govern the Earth. He is good and does not want to complicate things for you. He just want’s you to believe in him sincerely and to abide by the Divine Law. By choosing to do good deeds and cultivate virtues instead of causing harm and betraying people you are choosing for yourselves a magnificent future and all the good things will be given to you. Be they spiritual understandings or powers, material wealth or happiness and blessings.

The cyclical nature of history always led people away from polytheistic ideas to monotheistic ones. That is to say the ideas of there being many Gods that do have interpersonal relationships, these Gods sometimes even fighting between themselves, stealing etc. These are very basic and primitive concepts meant to take people from the absolute bottom, from the worst mud of society and teach them the basics of higher truths. It is also to ensure that the human side of a being is developed fully. The idea of there being one singular God that transcends the notions of human beings, of humanity as a whole leads us to uncharted territory. How can you comprehend that, what is incomprehensible. That is the meaning of saying “There are no role models in cultivation”. To break through the barriers and human notions of mind to find landscapes of faith is very difficult. Yet we require everyone to do precisely that.

To read a book once and not comprehend it fully is expected. To read a book a hundred times takes some effort. You may start to uncover ideas that were previously inaccessible. To read a book a thousand times, or even ten thousand times and still not grasp it completely… I did not say you are intellectually challenged. I did not say that. You should accept the mystery that has been given to you so freely, lest you forget everything and loose it just as easily.

The human body is a concrete and precise machine, yet at the same time remains a mystery even to scientists and divine beings. Many theories have been applied, some more successfully than others. We are not concerned much with this. At the same time you can’t do anything with a body that is weak or has a serious illness. Therefore this human body needs to be adjusted according to karmic principles. The power of your faith also dictates the success rate and the understanding of mysteries of human body gives you keys to access higher truths that permeate through the human body from the divine and from God. We are not healing people personally with our own hands. The human world is filthy and degenerate beyond recognition. Once again it is a Way that was used in the past, we do not need to do this things. It is entirely possible to recreate a person just with one though. How this process will turn out though depends partially also on the power of the person’s righteous thoughts. One without firm roots in faith and virtues might be temporarily elevated to a state free of illness and brief round of happiness, but will fall as easily back to the state of degenerate society as soon as his mind diverts from the Divine. Humans rarely fall to their best and most virtuous states.

Usually a human being falls back to the level of his or her training. That is to say, diligent practice of virtues and faith is a prerequisite for students wishing to progress further, or to execute advanced tactics of divine arts for the benefit of all.

To conclude in brief, we hope everyone will be imbued with renewed energy. I hope you will not develop negative thoughts against this teachings. It took us a long time to extract the essence of perceived reality and to put into words the higher closely guarded secrets of these divine magic arts. For those of you who can be at the root of creation, you know well how precious this time is. People of the future will have different understandings and that is fine. Keep up the good work! The future is bright!

Yaouyue Ri 9. 4. 2023

Who is the Creator?

Ordinary human is a sinner, incapable of ever changing his sinful nature. His only chance of salvation is faith in the Divine, or Dhamma. The multitude of beings, that reincarnated on this Earth throughout the history up to the present day, were all sent by the Creator. It was His arrangement that beings from the whole Cosmos will be given a chance to descend to this Earth and be given a chance to enlighten in the maze, to fulfill the prehistoric wows they made to beings in their respective paradises, cosmic planes, or to the Divine.

As far as Creator is concerned, He is unable to descend to this Earth, his Creation, and manifest in the same way as his children. Eternally unable to enter His own creation, destined to wait on the outside until the opportunity arrives, in the future, where humankind’s morals will be upgraded to levels unimaginable by today’s people. What is transpiring now will, for the people of the future, look like savages using primitive tools to accomplish basic things. This pertains not only to the material, but also to the spiritual and cultural. For example, eating dead animal’s meat will be looked at as disgusting and primitive behaviour. The languages might change on the surface, but the idea and necessity to transmit meaning and higher meaning to progress as one body will remain.

The love of Creator is incomprehensible to ordinary human. This cosmos is simply huge, immeasurable even, by today’s standards. The nature and aspects of who was really the cause of Creation will forever remain a mystery to humankind. Only Gods and higher Divine beings, such as Angels, Archangels and Saints can unlock the mysteries of the Universe. Their capability to understand, imagine and comprehend is enhanced by the boundless wisdom of the Creator and the Divine. Cultivation of virtues is a ladder sent by the Divine to enable people to return to Heavens.

Why does the Creator then not redeem all people in an instant? He is surely capable of doing this effortlessly. It is because people stopped believing in Him and His love. They put their self interests first, wishing to accommodate their expensive wants and desires. By doing this, they start to worship contemporary idols, instead of remaining true to ancient revelations that endured throughout the history, to present day, to offer a glimpse into the Creator’s wisdom and intentions with humankind. Why is it that you suffer misfortunes or persecution? It is because your faith in the love of Creator is not strong enough. You complain of your lot and you gave way to negative thoughts, even blaming Him for the tests Devil is putting in front of you.

Creator wants you to believe in Him and to love Him with all your heart. He does not want to complicate things for you, and wants you to obtain good things that you deserve, by believing in Him sincerely and by following His laws.

Yaouyue Ri 21. 4. 2023

Why Dragons Can’t Cultivate

Recently, many people came to our practice seeking liberation from old stubborn forms of cultivation, or to find refuge in not repeating the same old mistakes that were made in the past. We acknowledge all these reasons, but please do not confuse us with the established religions of the past. Some people that started to blame us for the mistakes that were made in their past or in their religions, we allow them some time to adjust themselves. The Dragon will never our overlord, it will not be allowed to blame us for the errors made by others. This Law is transmitted by Divine wisdom and it shines like gold in all dimensions of the Cosmos.

Our practitioners should not participate in polygamy, especially in countries that do not have such laws allowing for this. Culturaly and spiritually, we do not have any problem with this question. It is just that the laws of ordinary human society do not allow for it and we must abide by these laws under any circumstances. You can move to a different country, that allows for this cultivation practice, or petition the government and change peoples thinking about this issue. The human world was Created by the Divine. Creator does not want you to suffer or complicate things for you, follow Him, fear Him, worship Him, abide by His Laws and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

Yaouyue Ri 02. 05. 2023

Do not trust the Demons

The backstabbing people that present themselves as members of associations of Falun Gong and Falun Dafa proved themselves time and time again to serve only their own selfish interests.

Do not trust these people and do not cooperate with these people. It is bound you’ll be burned by them in the end. They lost all their senses and rationality by now. They say they’re you’re mother or other family members to exploit your virtues of filial piety. Who is your mother? In buddhism it is the emptiness of the universe.

It is with heavy heart that we have to expose these wolves that use the principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren to cover their own ulterior motives and actions. Their hunger for fame, money and power has reached an absolute extreme.

Those that have already been betrayed by people in the Associations of Falun Gong or Falun Dafa, you know what I mean. Do not harbour false hopes that these people will change in the end. It is the nature of evil that it is incapable of changing it’s evil nature.

You can clarify the truth to them, to the various governments and to general public. Dafa has been stained by all kinds of corruption. The Dao has turned awry. In the end times, the corruption of Dafa officials is enormous and unstoppable. People of the future will see clearly the ugliness and deviation the Dao has taken under the leadership of these people.

To this day, they could not provide a reasonable explanation for our excommunication. Everyone who continues to play by their rules is doomed to perish. Bad luck, persecution and karmic retribution is bound to happen. Now, when they lost all power over their people, when they are clearly exposed, they are truly speechless. In the future they’ll realize the enormous mistakes they’ve made.

The way of the Divine is unchangeable. Forever clear like diamond, precious as pearls and pure like lotuses, the cultivated Seraphim of our discipline will be those that are able to truly set others free.

It has become the norm these days, that demons try to enrich themselves on the suffering of others. Some people do not have much to begin with. They see money in organizing dance shows, good connections in organ harvesting and power in reaching out to politicians. Under the pretext of stopping the persecution these people, incapable to otherwise climb the social ladder fulfil their dark desires in propagating hate, cultism and starting wars with others.

Things are bound to change in the future. Do not trust these dark Satans. They are bound to be eaten by demons in the hell that they’ve created for themselves.

Yaouyue Ri 13. May 2023

On Evil Religions

Many religions of the past are corrupted in the Dharma-ending Age. Messiahs of the past always encouraged peaceful resolution and did not put emphasis on money. Religious people today are different. All they think about is money and worldly power. Throughout history some people took from religions what they thought was good, added their own things, or censored the religious texts and precepts to suit their goals. You can easily discern good from bad. It is just that you harbour hope for change. Evil cannot change. Usually, if after a period of time you still cannot convince yourself of the good intentions of religious leaders, your intuition might be good. Some people are able to play mind games with others for a very long time. Then, at the crucial moment, they backstab you. It is demons using these feeble minded people to cause Chaos. It is using their attachment to money, fame and power to test you. The intent is of course to destroy you completely. Cultivation is very dangerous, you should be discerning of whom you put your trust into.

All righteous schools of the Divine Law do have protectors of the Law. They protect the principles of that schools and also practitioners of that school. Some lesser systems of practice, or systems that came from a very special environment do have fewer Archangels, other righteous systems have many very powerful beings – protectors.

One particular school has three Archangels – Gabriel, Shariel and Remiel. These were assigned by the Divine Law to help that school succeed in bringing people back to the Heavens. Named Archangels in Islam are Gibril, Mikafil and Azrail. Our school has these seven primary Archangels that protect the disciples of our school. They are Gabriel, Michael, Remiel, Raphael, Shariel, Uriel, Khamuel and Raguel. Of course there are many Archangels that command their armies of Angels that are unknow or unnamed. We know of these cases and respect them such protectors of our Divine School.

The corruption of the Divine Law didn’t came from Man himself. It was the Devil testing the disciples of the righteous Ways. Have you thought of those who did not pass their ultimate tests that

should determine their heavenly ranks? Or those that achieved their positions, but ultimately fell? The Creator in his utmost benevolence wanted to give them another chance in this lifetime. It is because they did lot of things, personally for Him, and he cherishes the work and heart that they put forth. Therefore he used these fallen aspects to offer an opportunity for other people to cultivate themselves. By adjusting the utmost fabric of the universe, these people were allowed another chance. In the past they would have to be destroyed. Nobody would take care of these kinds of people. Our school does not have that. If you fall, I will not personally try to save your ranks, your face, or the divine things or abilities that you’ve cultivated. I am unwilling to do it. In the past I helped some of these people and gave them a second chance. They were unable to transcend their own past, their own fears and gaps in character. Time and time again. This affair is not something that could easily be repeated in this lifetime. If they really want, they can change on their own and after a certain period of time, change other people’s thinking about them. If you fell, and you want to return to the Divine Way, you are sure to succeed, but you have to be strict with yourselves.

Some people asked about people that recently passed away. What happened to these people? Why were they not able to finish their cultivation in a successful manner? Was all that effort in vain? Let me tell you, that outward manifestations are not always the same. You really cannot live forever in this human body. The human body ages, it is just created this way. It resembles an advanced computer system. Yet it’s nature is biological and Divine. Creator gave you one hundred years to release yourself from the throes of the mundane, transcend the earthly realm and return to Heavens. Those that are able to achieve that, are those, whose future is eternal.

Yaouyue Ri 20. May 2023

Discard Your Last Attachments

Great Way is exposed to the public once again. Why are there still people unwilling to discard their last attachments? Many people nowadays do the three things ordained in Dafa. They do them wholeheartedly and enjoy this simple lifestyle. Yet their minds are not calm. Full of thoughts about their futures, ordinary people’s problems etc..

These kinds of people come to Uncore with their questions. They seek answers to questions they were not able to resolve in Dafa. Yet there is a problem. These people often don’t want to let go of Dafa. They are addicted to this lifestyle, group readings, clarification events, conferences etc. They develop good friendships and firm relationships in Dafa. Maybe Uncore is not for you then. Go and be a good particle of Dafa and do not cause problems for our practitioners who aim to achieve even higher Godly and Buddha statuses than those of the mortal realm.

Your wishes, you dream while reading, of beautiful past and great future. Well it’s time you prove yourselves. Prove it to yourselves that what you have learned are not just theories but really achieve your ultimate ranks in the painful realities of the universe.

To let go of your friendships, relationships, ways of life, Masters, futures and pasts. Of all that you’ve developed in Dafa. To let go all of that in an instant is what differentiates mighty Daos from mere assimilated particles. Your bodies are made of these particles of the Cosmos. They move along with your intentions and ordinary human society cannot sway you. In fact they often align with your compassionate thoughts and actions. This is, in essence, why your path is blocked and you are unable to progress any further.

You say, what would I be doing without Dafa? Would I be just studying without anything else in my life? You say, I am a Shen Yun Dancer, I do not have to follow the ordinary protocol. I learned advaced tactics of Classical Chinese Dance. Ordinary requirements do not apply to me. That is indeed true. To protect the Ways of ordinary human society by applying the standards of true cultivators you are also advancing yourselves and correcting the corruption of the Divine Law.

Yaouyue Ri 10. June 2023