Uncore Collected Teachings Vol 1.

Déjà Unsing

Prophet came to fulfill the Way Heavenly beings of highest order
Pray to the Creator with all their might To cleanse the hearts of corruption
28. august 2022

Southern Gate 南門

The Emptiness spreaded far and wide I dream of opening the Southern Gate Humans fighting and vying for profit lost in delusion of the earthly realm Message reaching the Sun

A dream of ten thousand years

(“Southern Gate” refers to Alpha Centauri Star System)

Ri Yaouyue
18. october 2113

Sail Of Dao

We salute the rank,
and not the flower,
the boat of compassion, peacefully reaches the other shore.

30. october 2022 Ri Yaouyue

Compassionate Resolution

People that tred to discredit me, my name and my good reputation. Those that fabricated lies, sowed dischord and hate as a result of their own atachements and worldly power ambitions. Some of them acted under the influence of one person. Head of Association. This person derailed all the others, his long-term misquided understandings, egoistical actions, irresponsibility and backward-thinking eventually led to the events, that passed.

Some say that it was inevitable to achieve excommunication as a precenedens for other cases, but I am telling you, that these evenets didn’t need to happen in this form. Karmic responsibility will

certainly be appropriately drawn in this case, it is not possible that the fallout of this magnitude be overlooked by Gods, Daos and Saints on high leveles.

The era, in which the absolute smear of dust that is this earth was not watched by heavenly beings and great cosmic bodies is gone. The rectification draws close, until it reaches the absolute surface.

All the people that were complicit in my persecution in Slovakia and as a result abroad, ask yourselves, were you not misled by a person with borrowed title, one person without any other authority, that tried to use his position and rank for personal goals, not fully aligned with Zhen- Shan-Ren? Is this result of things that, what you were thinking about, what you hoped to achieve, when you closed your eyes and minds facing the Truth, playing deaf and blind sheep?

From now on Karmic responsiblity is attributed to one single person, initiator of this persecution, head of Association of Falun Gong Slovakia. He alone will need to bear full Karmic responsibility for what he’s done and there will not be a person to help him. The time allocated for damage repair is up.

As for me, I am not attached to any concrete result of these events. I do not acknowledge this persecution arranged by the old forces, the losses they caused and karmic consequences, they will have to bear them to their full extent. Those responsible, demons associated with them and their dark minions.

17. november 2022 Ri Yaouyue

Enter the Dao

Recently, many new people became interested in Buddha practices and cultivating the mind. As a result of this, old forces decided to again interfere in peaceful course of events. We do not acknowledge this persecution.

To cultivate your heart means being able to let go of all worldly attachments, including fame, power and various profits. If you are in a public office, you should serve people to the best of your abilities. If you are an employee, you should respect the hand that feeds you. If you are an enterpreneur you should provide quality products and services in exchange for a fair price. Rebellion against ordinary human society, the ways and laws that are set up in accordance with Zhen-Shan-Ren, they exist for practice and should not be interrupted. I could change the course of ordinary human society to ease the pressure that is put on you, yet I am unwilling to do it. Doing it all the time for you, would be akin to robbing you of the opportunity to forge your own mighty path.

Gods, Buddhas and Daos that are already in their positions are watching and protecting each and every one of you. Be the best versions of yourselves to achieve spiritual perfection.

Ri Yaouyue
21. Novembre 2022

P.S. Abandon all ill thoughts and step into the light to truly enter Dao.

A Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering

Human beings are born in the space of the universe into a sea of suffering. It is because their minds, thoughts and actions have become impure in their past lives. There is another reason why, in this Dhamma-ending period, various beings descend from their cosmic positions into this human world. It is to fulfill the great prehistoric wows of assisting the Enlightened Ones in the colossal endeavour of offerign true salvation to all.

Do not bother your minds with unwholesome thoughts. Hurry up and again turn the great cosmic wheel into the human world. The future that awaits you is bright.

Cosmic Law is forging adamantine Gods, Buddhas and Daos, it allows human heroes to again walk the earth and will bring blessings to many ordinary people.

Ri Yaouyue
25. november 2022

On the impermanent nature of mind

Every obstacle on cultivation path is an opportunity to improve the mind nature. Various stages of the Tao are represented in other dimensions as lanscapes of the soul. These places do have real physical existence and manifestations of their states in our dimension.

The way ahead resembles a narrow mountain path. To successfully traverse the remaining leg of the journey, exercise caution at every step. Evil lurks in dark places.

All manifestations come from the mind. The impermanence lies in realization of true nature.

The people you meet, ordinary people, you should cherish them for they might just be manifestation of bohisattva’s infinite wisdom.

Holy, anointing oil is as sweet as Dhamma.

Ri Yaouyue
28. november 2022


Some people seem to always blindly follow CCP rhetoric. Do you really believe the CCP propaganda machine?

Was there an independent investigation into the evil originator death? Don’t the time of release coincide with the massive anti-covid protests, just a few weeks ago? Do you really forget everything under the slightest impulse?

How can you repeat evil CCP’s propaganda without definite confirmation from an outside source? Do you possess such information? Can you sue a dead person? Is the evil toad really dead? Or is this merely a political decoy?

Ri Yaouyue
2. december 2022

Wake Up Call

The events of the last three years led many to different understandings and different cultivation states. The slide of ordinary human society reached an absolute extreme, under the pressure of evil from other dimensions. Plagues, wars and famine descended onto the earth one after another to cause chaos in the minds of the world’s people. Leaders of nations were at loss as to what to do, and a lot of what was done in fight against evil was done with human mindset and short-sighted intentions. The suffering of masses was great.

Some did try to help, some did nothing. The scales of destiny are tipped to an absolute extreme. CCP’s laughable political maneuvers to keep itself in power are matched only by the naivity of Western Nation’s leaders. Why is the political response not the same in every case of evil interference? It is human greed and corrupted hearts. Do not always blame your Sensei in case your cultivation state is not right. You alone bear full responsibility of teaching and leading people from moral decay to righteousness and wisdom.

Does this ring a bell? Why wait and keep people in darkness, when it is you, who holds the keys to the kingdom of Gods. In some cases, one word is enough to save a person and transport him completely to another world.

The evil will not dare to interfere, when your righteous thoughts are powerful. Your compassionate words and pure thoughts are like arrows piercing the very hearts of people. Changing the true nature of reality seems impossible. Yet it is Gods, Daos and Buddha’s whose mission is to protect the new Cosmos, reach higher levels of attainment and save the world’s people.

The doors of salvation are open once again, for people of the human world, to board the ship of Law that is sailing smoothly on the sea of suffering.

Ri Yaouyue 6. 12. 2022

Essence of the old

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are aspects of material existence. At this present time, their outward symbolism represents old forces arrangements. The historical meanings, significance and manifestations in these realities of our world are superimposed onto the original nature of this Cosmos, Zhen-Shan-Ren. The followers of these faiths do not know the True meaning of what was said. The implications the biblical events contain, are as of now under historical srutiny. Most followers of these established faiths are in fact very simple people. They believe in eternal life of the body and soul, but a lot of them don’t even pray, read the original sources, let alone deeper contemporary explanations.

The true mysticism of Abrahamic faiths is locked, and only very few people posses the capacity, education and temperance to access higher ideas and supernatural powers that these faiths can explore and bring out. These faiths will be certainly sublimated into the nature of the new cosmos in the future.

The ladder to higher planes lies mostly in studying the scriptures and reflecting on the meaning in relation to everyday life. The outer cosmos remains locked and innacessible. To really confess the deeper meanings of practice is to offer a body, for consummation, to the very people you wish to

save. In christian faith there is eaucharistie and fasting. These two extremes are there to polarize the normality of daily existence and to offer a relatively safe way of experiencing the divine. The names of angels are secrets hidden in old books and the shield of faith is found in plain sight. When the inner world corresponds to outward symbols, the alignement of heavenly bodies is achieved effortlessly. To transcend the three realms, one does not need to transcend the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These personifications are like fractals to be found on each plane of the cosmic Law, all the way to liberation, salvation or consummation.

Stories of biblical narrative serve as a metaphor for expressing higher ideas. The exile of nations and people pertains to the idea of rejection from original paradise. The first temptation of evil is found in each person. Every ordinary human is a sinner, incapable of ever changing his sinful nature. His only way of liberation is to find refuge in fatih, or dhamma. It is up to you to decide if you want to explore the manifestations of illusiory world, or if one’s abilities are high enough, to transcend the ordinary, straight away. To keep and hold the understandings and abilities of each rung is to keep composure amidst the chaos of complex human worlds.

Ri Yaouyue
11. november 2022

On Exposing the Evil

All throughout the history there have been people who were unafraid to expose the evil. Their moral obligation and righteous thoughts allowed masses to be informed of the lurking schemes of corruption at various levels of governemntal and heavenly bodies. Secret agencies of the world operate under strict laws. Conducting their efforts according to the moral compass of each nation.

Certain individuals, whistleblowers, when presented with a chance to expose the evil took a step forward and were ultimately met with the raw reality. Why did these people expose the corruption? Why did they not kept their oaths of silence and broke various levels of governmental nad military clearances? It is because their forward thinking minds were compelled to act when faced with a vision of where the human world headed at that point in time-space.

Maybe they expressed their concerns to the higer authorities and were met with rejection, the secret Truth is that it was the involvement of the old foces. They [old forces] tried to lead the world into destruction, because that is their nature and that is the sum of their wisdom and enlightenment qualities.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité would be empty words without the backbone of society that is creating and holding these values dear. Practitioners of True Way are leaders in setting an example of conduct for future generations, and establishing a new mighty civilization, from the ashes of old.

The nature of the old universe is the cycle of Creation-Stasis-Degeneration-Destruction. To release the shackles of laws that bind you, return to tradition, expose the CCP evil once again, or be sublimated into the nature of the new Cosmos : Zhen-Shan-Ren.

Yaouyue Ri
13. decembre 2022

To Polygamy

I do not want to interfere in personal life of our practitioners, sa I have been silent on some issues for quite some time. I also have to rectify incorrect understandings of religions of the past, controlled by old forces. People, especially young people come to me to ask certain questions about marriage and marital relationship. In our system there is no polygamy. We do not have such things. Ancient China used to have a system of concubines. That is a degenerate fragment of the past, that should stay in the anals of history.

As for me, people ask so I have to be responsible to them. I had one long term (of six months), [female] partner so far, we split on friendly terms. It was quite some time ago, more than ten years ago, so this episode could be dasignated as concluded.

Did I tried to become a monk? Certainly not an ordained monk in established religions. Monkish life certainly has its benefits, but I’ve discovered that it is indeed reserved for special group of people. I believe people should lead a normal harmonious married life. That is all I will say about polygamy.

Yaouyue Ri
26. december 2022

On the New Testament I

In Short, New Testament is an account on the life and ministry of Jesus, it consists of four Books and Letters. These four books provide a scientific evidence of the historical time, the Way, spirituality and Law of Jesus, his Disciples, followers and forces of evil at that time.

Old forces and monks in cloisters prefer to read evangelium of Mark, which is in fact the weakest of the four. It caters to their senses and their ability to enlighten. The accounts in this book are inflated. Scholars are trying for thousands of years to crack the enigma. The real meaning and implications of what was said still remains a mystery, for ordinary people, to this day.

Yaouyue Ri
28. december 2022