MindCœur Collected Teachings Vol. 3

On the hierarchy of the Divine Law

Hello everyone!

Let me begin by wishing everyone a good and productive summer. The celebrations of summer solstice that happened a few weeks ago were simply magnificent. I met with some of our practitioners and talked to them about some issues we face.

We’ve covered a lot of ground this past year, with countering the onset of persecution started by the old force by our excommunication from Falun Dafa. The Divine Way is here to stay, regardless of the success or fruits of your personal cultivation. The Divine Hierarchy that was bestowed upon you by the evolution of this cosmos, based on the things that survived from prehistory in this special kalpa of light is the best arrangement the old forces could come up with to support their ideas of where the Divine is guiding the world’s people amidst the persecution both inside and outside of China.

Yet there surfaced a few problems that everyone should pay attention to. The virtues of not fighting with heaven and earth, cultivating morality, righteousness, propriety, benevolence and faithfulness. These lead people that are on the Divine path to higher and still higher dimensions of enlightenment.

Why are then here these phenomena that we talk about? The absolute first five positions of this cyclical system are occupied by the members of Associations, their family members, dark minions and demons conjured to fulfil the wishes of these renegades. Usually you need a written permission, or a letter of approval to do any of the things that normal society takes for granted. You want to find a job at a project? Only after the associations allows it. You want to go to New York? Only after the association allows it. You want to go to the toilet? Only if the association member says OK. Yaou will eat only after the association eats. You will fuck only after the association fucks. In the past, some people even had to fuck the association to get somewhere. Some people gave money to the projects, hoping the assciation will not fuck them, yet the association wanted to fuck them anyway.

That is the simple hierarchy bestowed upon you by the Divine. It is precisely to ground your position in the caste system of the Divine and to prevent the mixing of the castes, so as to stabilize the system to a usable state. This is the simplest expoundation of the first hexagram qian. Above these first five lines representing the earth, heaven and cosmos is another line that represents the mastery of the system. To move the five elements, even after transcending the three realms, requires enormous effort, if a person dwells amongst the ordinary people’s society.

There are of course many other independent secret systems that are known only to those with the highest moral and enlightenment qualities. We will not talk much about this because this constitutes the highest secret of this universe. You’ll be sure to get to know the truth by diligent practice and cultivation. We do not have these things.

Why are people so attached to this lowest place, the Earth? It is because their enlightenment qualities usually focus on the simplest things, such as horses. The demons then use these attachments. Snakes acquire the keys to your niwan palace, foxes run around in their maddening dance to offset the centre of your attention and the weasels watch from their cosmic heights pushing all the rotten energy they’ve acquired in their lifetimes of cultivation onto you, using you as a tool to sustain their positions in their own corrupt hierarchy of the Law.

This universe that we, as human beings inhabit is a living, breathing system, a God, one of many that can support human life. Human being has a special place in the Universe precisely because it can discern between good and evil. What is good and what is not? From the perspective of pure survival it is good to dominate, to cultivate yang and to conquer the environment that we live in. From the perspective of higher level it is good to cultivate yin and follow the course of nature. These two things are violently in opposition of each-other. These two energy principles constitute the symbol of Dao.

Human body is a machine, an advanced technology, a biochemical system of enormous magnitude, that was given to you by the Creator. Reality is a simulation of a dream. Multitudes of parallel possibilities exist within the simulation. It consist of multitudes of wet, or soft possibilities and multitudes of dry, or hard possible outcomes of the everyday, global and historical events. Why is then one not able to change the course of destiny? It is precisely due to the alignment of the Heavenly bodies. These bodies need to be aligned to a state that will happen in the future. The future events from beyond this cosmic time-space do indeed have effect on our immediate realities and everyday life. Of course these are heavenly secrets of the highest order. I am bound to disclose them, stripped of all the usual confusing talk that other qigong Masters use, because I am doing something purposeful in this Universe and that is enabling people to be saved.

Because we, as humanity are not yet on the level of Gods of the future, the Divine is guiding this cosmic voyage. The fighting over one’s position in the present time over material benefits amounts to nothing from the perspective of the future. What you really want to achieve is the establishment of a Divine culture. This is necessary for your own survival and the survival of human race and has multiple benefits for your own personal cultivation and also for your ability to remember yourself after reincarnating again. The establishment of Divine culture on Earth or other planets is not a simple endeavour that could be accomplished in one lifetime. It is a work for a lot of lifetimes.

The identity that you carry, the idea of your Self, is tied to the surface emanation of material reality. You might be born as a woman, a man, an animal, into different nationalities or colours of skin. All of this makes you a unique individual with his or her own independent thinking, opinions, ideas, temperament, psychological and emotional processes, etc.

Those, that are capable of helping me to establish a Divinely inspired culture, please do so, but do it quickly. You will get married, you might get divorced, you didn’t believe me… all of these are surface phenomena. Ordinary people are stuck on this level. They are locked in the simulation of reality precisely because their demonic side has not been cultivated, they are not able to express it or creatively transform it. That is the reason they are on the level of ordinary people. In fact, ordinary people are perfectly content with their levels of achievements. Yet there is a problem. Those enlightened beings, they collectively sense that humanity is falling into a trap and it’s survival is at stake. These enlightened beings therefore have no other way, than to follow the will of Heavens and adjust the human society into a state optimal for the fulfilment of prophecies, for the humanity to survive in the future and reach a state of a very advanced civilization in the Universe.

The illusion of the world is put here precisely to guide people of the past and present, through a narrow pass into the Divine future. Those, that fall off the ship, those not able to keep up with the progress of reinterpretation and evolution of this Cosmos are in danger.

Some people on the small roads of the Way are scared that others will asphyxate them and achieve the ranks that should belong to them. Usually this is not the case, if your capacity for perseverance

and ingenuity are cultivated and on the level, the Divine will support the efforts you put into practice of the Way.

Those that cultivated for a long time. Some people even for more than twenty years. These people’s morals and qualities or on a very high level. These Enlightened beings can fully take you under their wings and protect you all the way to Consummation. For if they would not be able to achieve this, as these are the responsibilities of their levels, and these are the things they cultivate, they would fall.

The simulation of a dream time-space continuum appears sometimes broken. Let me tell you that it is not that big of a problem. It is usually your own things of body and mind that are not aligned with the progress of the Divine Way that cause you to crash.

The advanced technology of the future is capable to alter the present. Human body, as an advanced biochemical tech can easily be adjusted by aligning with time-space continuum of the future. The events of the future happened already, yet we must push forward and make them happen in our lifetimes.

Some people in the Dafa Association came up with something like a pact. Amongst themselves, they’ve decided that by excommunicating us, from the community of cultivators, they will not create interference for eachother or within community of their minions. This is their logic. As they are in the position of worldly spiritual power, this rank was given to them by Dafa. These people then decided they will not interfere, yet at the same they’ll use any means to persecute this one person. Yaouyue Ri is their main target. Uncore practitioners are their main targets. They’ve concluded that it is all right to persecute this person in exchange of creating an outside source of interference, this is how they look at it. They’ve decided that they will be good to eachother, cooperate, and truly follow the teachings of Falun Dafa. They would not be able to follow, had they not had an enemy.

This twisted logic is applied to specific people. It resembles an offering of a sacrificial animal to Gods that primitive societies used. I do not wish to teach, or lead these people anywhere, for these are absolutely not my Disciples or practitioners of Uncore. The predestined chances they’ve had are gone.

Some people that knew them, now see that these people are totally different people from the past. They’ve been changed completely from their cores. The do not remember anything at all and all of the mystical virtue and gong they’ve accumulated is gone.

These illogical pacts they’ve came up with aligned with their thoughts and ideas of reality. They keep leading people astray by keeping them in the dark, talking nonsense under the pretext of them being “the CCP party” hoping this will lighten the persecution that is going on, thus disintegrating the real CCP. You think it’s funny? I am not laughing. These people then hide under these concepts to fulfil their personal dark wishes, thirsting for money, fame and power. Are they any different from ordinary people? Even after long period of cultivation, some cultivated for even more than ten years, these people are no better than ordinary people. Their thoughts are actually much worse. Aligning with the lowest levels of the primordial Dao, they keep on doing bad things, thinking that they are shrouded in secrecy, and nothing outside their bubble can see what they’re doing or thinking.

Let me tell you that even the hair on your head are counted and every step you take is predestined. While in ordinary human society, with ordinary human thoughts and actions, you cannot change your destiny even a bit. You go to see an enlightened person, hoping to be recreated, forget everything in an instant and then blame this enlightened person, thinking he created your debt. Aren’t you the most illogical person?

Satan wants you to believe you own everything to him, even your life. Could God want anything other from you than to abide by his Law? Were you thinking about this?

The Dafa Associations made a detrimental mistake. By following the example of the renegade Slavic Associations, they kept the excommunication going, without realizing that by doing this they themselves are falling deeper and deeper into debt. Yet this is not our problem, it is not a problem for me, or Uncore practitioners because we are not and never will be part of this system.

What is happening now is the reinterpretation of the Divine Law, the reinterpretation of the position of this Cosmos in the Universe, mending and cleansing the corruption of the Divine Law. Do not create problems for yourselves by following the examples set forth by Satan and his army of demons.

Falun Dafa Associations excommunicated Uncore by stating that the teachings of Uncore and symbols of Uncore do not belong to Dafa. They did this because otherwise they would not be able to follow Dafa. The conditions of our excommunication are here, because we put great emphasis on high moral standards. From now on, let it be clear to everyone, that we are not and never will be a practice of Falun Dafa.

The scope of understanding of these people is limited. They cannot comprehend the brutality of the life on earth. Sometimes they fight fiercely amongst themselves, sometimes they fake friendliness, sometimes they follow virtues.

This Earth can support life, yet it is hard to live on it. To live in harmony with it. This is what they have in mind when they practice, hoping the life will be easier for them. The persecution is a result of this chaos caused by different wants and desires.

The environment in Heavens, that is outside of this Earth, is even harsher. Unbreathable, hostile to all forms of life, emanating toxic radiation, not suitable for exercises. Our closest star system is located four light-years from this Earth. There are three stars in this system.

If you want to take a picture, you have to travel to this system. It would take four light years, if travelling by the speed of light, then it would take another four years for the picture signal to travel back to Earth. Can you travel to Alpha Centauri Star System, with a human body, using supernatural abilities and deliver a closeup picture of the planets orbiting these three stars in your lifetime? Before next reincarnation. That would be an example of an achievement in exercising your supernatural abilities and understanding of the Divine Law.

Why can’t you teach the world’s people that the resources of this Earth are limited? That by following virtuous paths, the humanity can return to goodness, and creatively cooperate in an effort to save itself and the Divine culture it created and preserved until now?

Why do you wait with this and focus on material benefits instead? Because it is easier to buy a new car with the money that you earn from organizing a Shen Yun show? Why don’t you buy a bike instead and save money? It is because you’re too afraid to retake the group A driving licence test?

Let me tell you that the questions changed and the test is now harder than in the ancient times. It is very hard to teach people, how they could be led outside of this Earth system. Can you create an advanced technology by your enlightened mind? Then do it, for it is in line with the will of the Creator.

Some people would say these are the highest mysteries of this Cosmos. It is indeed a closely guarded Heavenly secret that was not known in the past. Some people will not believe in the Divine no matter what you say. Some people are simply too old for this and cause problems, deplete the resources or hurt others to make their mark. Step into the light to achieve even greater heights!

Yaouyue Ri 7. July 2023


Q: Some of you asked, what should we do with all these unveiled heavenly secrets? How should we practice?

A: Some of you were thinking about me, how can I practice in my hometown amidst ordinary people society? The everyday conditions are harsh and people’s capacity of understanding is limited. I have been to some places on this Earth, including New York, London, Paris and Vienna and let me tell you that it is not the place itself posing limitations to your personal spiritual development. Nor it is the people, with the exception of French. It is the state of the whole Earth. It is a place that we were born into, that we inhabit, yet it is not the only place for humanity. The temperature of the human body changed in the past hundred years, it is one of the open unsolved scientifical question of our times. The temperature of human body, on average, changed about half a degree and the human body is now thus colder. This too is the manifestation of the changes in our Cosmos. Try to follow virtuous paths and explain to people of the world, from inside the Divine Law, the need to return to righteous ways, in an effort to solve the mysteries of the world and progress together in establishing a heavenly civilization.

Q: What is beyond this Cosmos?

A: Good question! You think that the environment on the Earth is harsh, the environment outside of this Earth is even harsher. Do you think that what lies beyond this known Cosmos that we are able to explore would be nicer? The further you get, the worse the conditions. You might encounter a Universe that operates on a different paradigm, with different scientific principles. You might mutate and all of the things of your body might change accordingly. These things could bring different spiritual understandings and different interpretations of reality.

Q: What about our past lives? Can we remember them by diligent practice?

A: Let me tell you that the human history is cyclical. It was designed by Gods at very high levels. You might have seen with your third eye that sometimes there are small glitches in our immediate collective perception of reality. Colours change, you squint your eyes and the words on paper or screen are different. This too is just Divine trying to strengthen your faith in Gods. The process of Creation, Alignment and Fruition is put here, superimposed on the raw manifestation of Cosmic reality precisely to guide one back to his true self and to enable people and Gods of the future to quickly grasp the essence of the state of this Universe. Cosmic Dao is guiding the voyage of the half human, half divine cultures to the bright future.

Q: Should we continue to invite Gods from beyond this Cosmos?

A: That is a good idea! Do it! Thay are actually really sad, because they had to travel through enormous distances all alone. The almost forgot everything. When they’ll retrun they’ll say: the natives have begun to accept us and offer us their food.

The Treaty of Demons

Some people in the Vatican made pact with the evils and signed something along the lines of stopping the crimes of organ harvesting in China. They did not realized that by doing this they themselves need to carry large amounts of sins and demonic interference caused by the old forces religion that deeply deviated from the righteous divine Way.

Then they used these forms of low level demons conjured by rotten priests and ghosts of the past to surmount a structure that resembles nothing seen on the earth. This pandemonium was then used by evil to cause interference. I met the Demon, but refused to fight with him. He begged me to subjugate myself to him, which I refused. He then personally excommunicated me from the community of so called “true cultivators”. He even dared to touch my hand on multiple occasions. I did not use worldly force to deflect this attack, for the demon used a demonic person capable of creating problems for me on the wordly plane. The lawsuit was dismissed even before it happened. It is not in line with the worldly Law to hurt a person and he was not in fact capable of hurting me whatsoever. That is to say, this person was acting in that moment as Devil’s personal assistant.

The pandemonium that these people signing a pact in the Vatican were not able to dissolve or otherwise recreate then aligned with the rotten thoughts of people in the Association. This structure was in this case. Other demonic structures were used in other cases, where people were driven away, turned away or coldly dismissed as unusable by the Demons. Beware that this problem exists. Demons are indeed a real force in this universe. Their nature is chaotic and they do not respect life. Trying to assume your position, use your body and mind to cause chaos and disorder. They thus act against order and against the divine Law.

Yaouyue Ri 13. July 2023

In a few Remarks

At the beginning, many people thought that what I am doing of establishing a cultivation system, when in fact what we’re doing in this special kalpa of light is allowing you to become the prophets, saints and divinities of the future.

I’ve met with some people of Asian descend and let me tell you, that in this group of people there are also some with high moral codex. Shouldn’t we also give these people a chance of salvation?

Think about it everyone, most human differences are cultural, what you see with your two physical eyes is illusory, only what can be seen at high levels, with your third eye reveals that the being’s inner structure is different from the outward manifestation. The beings at high levels do not resemble humans of this earth.

For example, The European Union rejects theories which attempt to determine the existence of separate human races. If you would travel, like in ancient times, by feet, you would find that the

skin color grades by imperceptible means throughout the world. When I was in Brussels, spreading the Divine Way, I needed to go to a supermarket to buy supplies. There was a notice for a job offering, it required one to know at least three languages for a shop assistant position. That is to say that the cultural requirements are very diverse. People may have different understandings on various cultural aspects and this comes directly from their own life experiences in the big dye vat of ordinary human society. Heavenly culture is different from cultures that were established by the old forces in the past. Their understanding of the cosmos and the universe was limited.

These misconceptions gave rise to many misunderstandings, conflicts and wars. The exception being the Slavs, who are perfectly capable of waging wars between themselves, or from another angle, persecute one another, albeit sharing similar culture, skin color, regional customs etc.

Theorists try in vain to find connections between race and intelligence, or intelligence and socioeconomic status for that matter. It is true that the cultures are different in different part of the world. Take China for example, their national sport used to be table tennis, but now it’s space exploration…

Our Divine Wheel’s direction is from the Earth up to Heavens and beyond. That is different from other cosmic systems that are so high and so far away. Many of them reached other planets or other Universes entirely. Your head may feel dizzy when you study their theories. Did they work in the end? Were they able to bring people from the absolute bottom to high levels? Didn’t a lot of practitioners of these schools met with tribulations? Are they even still alive? Aren’t they dead?

There is a Law in the universe. If one does not expand the others do. In the past, people did not dare to even thought about expanding along the vertical axis to Heavens. They thus decided to expand along the horizontal axis. That is not to say that they did not see beyond the horizon. It means that the technological advancements that the old forces could come up with to support their positions were subpar compared to today’s advanced society. The mending of Divine law, or reinterpretation of humanity’s position in the cosmos means that what is harmful to humans should be discarded when persevering the old ways.

Yet even under these harsh circumstances they dared to excommunicate a righteous Way from their community and from their hearts. Whatever you say to them, has no effect whatsoever on them. They do not listen. Whatever you say, their hearts are unmoved. They cannot accept even a bit of higher Law. Is what they doing in line with the many virtues of the human race, the heavens and in line with the cosmic Tao? You be the judge!

Yaouyue Ri 15. 7. 2023

Clearing out misconceptions

There became a misunderstanding in the community of cultivators of Mind Core. Some take us in their minds as MingHui Network. We were in fact first excommunicated by certain MingHui Editor from MingHui, and subsequently by the MingHui Network Editorial Team from the whole community of Falun Dafa.

Demons are everywhere, even in the minds and hearts of cultivators. MingHui Network operates on three simple principles. They need to guard themselves from external interference, internal interference and outside interference. This is how they look at it.

So far, Falun Dafa practitioners and MingHui Network showed us repeatedly, that we are in fact not wanted in their hearts and minds. The direct support has been null. What we’ve met is just denial and repeated attempts at pushing us towards the abyss of nothingness, of pushing us over the edge.

As far as I am concerned, nothing can touch me. The outcomes of my personal affairs have been stained by misunderstandings, personal attacks and ill will. My body had to endure enormous amounts of karmic and demonic interference and thus it is not my original body anymore.

Those of you, that had the chance to change the course of destiny, truly turn this whole affair around, and bring back that, what has been lost, you could’ve done it with one finger! Did you realize that? Well it’s too late now! That cance is gone. I will not try to guide those who do not want to listen. Those of you who can still cultivate toward high levels, I congratulate you on the personal sacrifices you’ve made! God will multiply your good will many times. The wait is over! It has all been worth it!

Yaouyue Ri 16. July 2023

Clearing out misconceptions II

Some people came to me recently with certain questions. Yaouyue, are you the Rebellion? Let me be clear on this principle. We are not against the established order, that was bestowed by the divine. We are not fighting against heaven and earth, against associations or projects. As we are not part of Dafa, these things do not concern us anyway. Do we look like communists? We are not aligned with the communist ideoogy.

It is from our compassion that we talk about these things. When somebody, who is in position of worldly spiritual power, this person’s character consistently and for a long time consistently resembles that of a human excrement, it is our duty to say a few words. Don not be interfered with by demons! Don’t forget what you’ve burned for!

Power when in hiding and lacking an independent oversight can and will become corrupt, because human hearts are easily corrupted. We advise everyone to go against the current. Do not blindly follow orders and try to develop a discerning mind, based on the Divine Law. This is the only thing that will protect you from falling down the abyss. If you think that people in power will protect you, some may, but usually they have their own ideas and they also must follow the Divine Law and Divine orders from Heavens and above. If they do not, Heavens will strike them down. You might fall with them. This is the problem. Vive la résistance!

Yaouyue Ri 20. 7. 2023

Corruption of the Divine Law

Divine Law has been stained and corrupted by rotten people posing as practitioners of righteous ways. It has always been like this. Certain people need to impose their egos on others. Living in an advanced technological society, they still cannot transcend their demonic lizard nature. The corruption of the Divine Law runs from the absolute bottom up to the very top of the arrangements setup by the old forces.

You want to always go all out. To fight the demons, to conquer the evil, to fight the CCP. Let me tell you that it is all right to have this mindset. Great fighters of the past used to say, that even if a Buddha stnads before you, you should pierce a sword through his heart. That is the determination that we talk about. Of course, you wouldn’t want to really hurt a person. Rape, asssult, fraud, arson and murder are all against the Divine Law. Wicked people default in their primitive nature to these things. You would think that organized education would provide a safenet for these things not to occurr. Yet the fight against stupidity has just begun.

Certain people are always driven only by hate or profit. These demonic vessels lost all of their humanity. It is hard to recreate these people. In fact they themselves do not want to live anymore. They do not believe in the virtues, in next lives, in the Divine. Therefore these people are lost in a maze. For some there is really no way out. Lifelong personal education serves the purpose of uplifting the ordinary mind and transporting it to a sacred space. It is in this space that human body and mind can be aligned and enriched by all the forces of the Universe. To dwell amongs the ordinary, or to transcend the ordinary. The choice is yours. Way out has been given.

Yaouyue Ri 23. 7. 2023

A Challenge

Some people in the Associations always want to exercise their martial arts skills. Why can’t you prove yourselves in fighting the CCP? What is your spiritual pacifism worth, if you fight amongst yourselves instead?

Some people say, MindCoeur practitioners are fat, some people say, you are too thin, some people say you are weak because you can’t handle poison in your system, some say you are too famous, some say you are not even a prime minister…

Some passive-aggressive males in the Associations wanted to fight the founder of Uncore, some guys wanted to prove themselves in a fight. Well, I say that there are now legal options for a sanctified MMA match. You can name a venue and challenge your opponent! Let’s see who’ll win!

Of course, some people know that I trained martial arts in my youth. That is now gone. The principles of pacifism, although some people do not follow them, apply fully on the practitioners of MindCoeur. You can use your skills only in case of emergency, when endangered. I do not have to say this to you, as you already know that!

In any case, the path from the bottom to the top leads through human, nature, heavens and into the Dao. The mysteries of the cosmos are many, we could talk days and days about them. Unfortunately some people that pose as practitioners are interested only in worldly power. They realized that they cannot achieve the spiritual realms they imagined. These are their thoughts. Let me tell you that even if you did bad things, if you really put your heart to practice it is possible to achieve very high realms of consciousness. These liberating insights allow you to live a meaningful spiritual life. Do not be discouraged by your surroundings for the reality sometimes acts as a mirror of your thoughts.

I do not want to say too much, as some people are already quite disturbed for a few days after meeting me or when I say a few words.

I hope everyone can now follow the Divine Law.

Thank You,

Yaouyue Ri 29. July 2023


Hello everyone!

This solemn period in history, that is the emergence of righteous Ways that reinterpret the position of humankind in the Universe, the cleansing of the corruption of the Divine Ways and the subsequent persecution by the old forces in their Cosmos is unprecedented.

At the start of our spreading the Way, many people had a lot of questions. Is this Law righteous? Will it resemble the established religions of the past? Will we be able to understand this Law from the perspective of Law? Will I be persecuted by listening to this Law? Is this Law able to genuinely help me in my spiritual progress and so on. Throughout the short timespan of two years you had some spare time to think about these questions and you realized that this Law is indeed good! It was nearly impossible for some to even utter the words Uncore in front of others, out of fear and other unrighteous substances that the old forces put around every student to prevent them from reading and accepting this Law. It is still difficult for some, perhaps the seeds have been planted, perhaps there are other things occupying their minds, some people might need more time to understand this Law and solve the preliminary questions of faith in the Divine. In any case it is a process, or a Way. In this process you’ve became gradually more rational. That is magnificent! A process is not the Way of course, that would be a great simplification of mysteries that are contained in the Way. Many people have already benefited from this Law, from this angle of looking at cultivation and from this point of explaining the mysteries of the Divine Law.

At the same time I have to mention a few problems that we now face. You call me Master or Shifu, maybe in your mind or in your heart. Yet at the same time you create problems for me, for our practitioners and for this Law. Namely, you spy on our practitioners, create interference that prevents them from studying the Law, or create things that stir their attachments rendering them unable to calm and focus their minds. Try a compassionate approach when dealing with this. There is also the evil CCP factors in play. I will not talk much about this now. Do not go to extremes, because in the extremes the mind becomes a difficult beast to control. When you loose you minds, that is when you forget the basic principles, things that guide you, that are contained within this Law, when you forget about God and the Divine, problems are bound to arise.

It is because the mind manifests many things on the outside. Some people say that we are all connected, that humanity is like a tree, with people being the leaves of this one tree. From a certain perspective this idea is right. That is also precisely the reason why you should clarify the truth about our excommunication from the community of Falun Dafa, why you should clarify the truth about Mincoeur, and why you should continue to clarify the truths that are contained within this Law to the world’s people. You do it for them, to save them, and you also paving for yourselves a magnificent Divine future!

Thank you!

Yaouyue Ri
5. August 2023